Saturday, October 6, 2012

Lemon or Milk?

The Asian Teapot BOM creates a small diversion amongst larger projects, which means I now tackle two teapots at a time.  Each teapot takes a small piece of fabric and I sometimes appear to spend more time looking for the 'right fabric' than in stitching the teapot.

Block 8
Block 9

Three more to go ... which means 2012 is drawing closer and closer to its end.

With all these wonderful teapots ... all shapes and sizes ... it is easy to imagine sitting sipping tea.  Would you prefer milk or lemon?


Anonymous said...

milk please,lol.Great job Shirley they look fantastic.xx

Ondrea said...

Herbal please LOL. THose teapots are lovely but the green one looks so real! I know what you mean about spending more time looking for the right fabrics. But it was worth it!

bpllhall said...

I like the green one too, it looks like pebbles , what an interesting project this has been