Sunday, May 26, 2013

Got a spare hour?

Earlier today I found instructions for a coaster ... no applique, no embroidery, in fact, hardly no sewing! 
Last year I was gifted a similar coaster made of Christmas fabrics, but at the time must have been too busy to closely examine how it was made.  Today I found out ... just too simple.
In less than an hour I turned out four small, and one larger coaster; more than half that time was spent sorting fabrics into suitable colours.
If you have a spare moment and wish to make a small gift that can be popped in with a larger gift, then a coaster is exactly what you need.  Have I captured your attention?  Just Google 'folded coasters' and choose a pattern. 


Karen's Korner said...

What a pretty and practical gift idea.

Anonymous said...

they are lovely Shirley and thankyou for the link.xx

bpllhall said...

Always busy !!