Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Odds and Ends

No big projects on the go at the moment ... only the medallion quilt that has a few months to run yet [I think, as it has suddenly struck me we have not been told how many borders we do]. 
I decided to take a photo of the fabrics in use as this quilt is growing out and upwards in all directions which means I hung it on the clothes line and the colours are not true ... too much sun?
The Friendship Star [outer border] gave some grief!!  The directions were for a 5" block.  I hunted the Internet for 5" blocks and trust me, they are few and far between!!  Another pathway needed investigating.  Several years ago a member of Our Craft Forum gave me a book [surplus to her requirements!! ... I was so lucky to be the recipient] that is full of blocks; just photos of 4" blocks, that can be enlarged as wanted.  There are no measurements.  One morning I measured the 4" block and gradually increased the measurements until the final result was a 5" Friendship Star.  I will not tell you how many small pieces of trial blocks ended up in my bin!
As well I have made more dishcloths as they are an easy relaxatiion when the brain is dead with all the maths required to alter a 4" block to a 5" block, and am now in the process of knitting little mittens for youngest grandchild.


Farm Fancies said...

The friendship border looks very nice! Lol, I've found that if a block isn't a multiple of something that divides into 12, e.g. 2,4,6,8 or 3, (I know 8 isn't a product of 12 but it's twice 4!)it's nearly impossible to find a block for it. Sometimes you have better luck doubling it and then halving the measurements you find i.e. find a 10" block in the style you want then make a half size of it.
Cheers, Robyn xo

Anonymous said...

wow this is gorgeous Shirley and boy you have been a busy bee.xx