Monday, May 10, 2010

Dresden Plate

Mother's Day has been and gone; I had two parcels to open, and some lovely gifts ... Rod Stewart's 'Soul Book', choccies, a winning scratchie [$5] and a X-word puzzle book; plus a lovely warm cardigan for the winter. As well the phone rang with well wishes from the family. I slept in, which is a real plus as sometimes I am up before the birds and that makes for a long day, breakfasted leisurely, wandered around outside chopping back persistent weeds before coming indoors to tackle a new project.
When in the city a week ago I splashed out on what was really an extravaganza! I had noticed a Dresden plate template in my favourite shop, but the price was too steep. I know my limits! However, when a few days later I received vouchers in the mail, one offering a 25% discount, I decided that while the template was still more expensive than I would normally consider paying for one item, its purchase could be justified by the discount offered. Before I could talk myself out of the 'bargain' the template was mine.

What to make from it? I took it out, turned it over, wondered exactly how it worked as the instructions were basic ... too basic for me ... a half a dozen words is not an instruction! On Saturday evening, my last project complete, and nothing too pressing on the agenda, I decided to try ... 'if at first you do not succeed, try, try again'; so I was brought up to believe.

I cut blades out ... the template is so simple to work! And the rotary cutter behaved itself confined as it was between two hard pieces of plastic. I cut and I sewed the pieces together, after sewing across the top to give a cute wee peak. At bedtime my eyes were becoming weary, my patience running thin, and the Dresden Plate was not coming together. I went to bed.

Next morning I wrote of my dilemma in The Forum. Aha ... shortly afterwards a kind lady told me of a web site that helped immensely.
I had thought I had included too many 'blades'; in actual fact I hadn't enough. I cut and sewed again. By early afternoon one Dresden Plate was complete.

There is one downside to this tale ... this type of craft is terribly addictive, almost on a par with coffee! Feeling emboldened I cut out enough blades for two more Dresden plates, though had to manipulate the fabric for one colour that was on the short side. The marvellous thing about these templates is that you can pile the number of different coloured fabrics you require, on top of each other, place the template on top, and cut. All come out exactly the same size.

As well the centre circles are a breeze ... in fact I am exceptionally well pleased with my purchase of the Dresden Plate Template.

The variety of fabrics in my stash is short of what I require to complete the project, which might be a good thing as I think that I need to just look at the completed plates and decide what colour will go best with them. Then again it might be a better idea to take one to the fabric shop and hold it against rolls of fabric ... there is no haste!


Vicki said...

They have turned out beautiful Shirl :)

Karen's Korner said...

WOW what a great job you have made on those plates. Love the fabrics that you have chosen as well. You have inspired me to have a go at dresden plates.

Quiltin' Sandy said...

Very pretty, Shirl, the fabrics you have chosen are lovely. Gee that is a wierd looking ruler-lol. As long as it works tho! :0}