Saturday, May 22, 2010


It has been a strange day. We had a quick trip into town for the usual weekend necessities ... newspaper, magazine and some meat. While in the supermarket the sky darkened, opened, and the rain poured down like all the buckets in heaven were being emptied at the same moment; the wind whirled the rain, the gutters overflowed; winter arrived in an instant. The greasy road and the buffeting winds made for a slower journey home.

A few kilometres from home we had to scoot to the other side of the highway as a huge gum-tree branch had fallen, blocking one lane rendering the road dangerous. For the final leg of our morning trip to town we had to avoid numerous small branches lying on the roadway. I wondered how many trees, or branches, had broken at home as it was obvious the wind was as violent there and the rain as torrential as in town.

The corner of our road was slippery, a common predicament for this country road. No trees appeared broken. We were lucky!

Hurriedly grabbing our shopping we hurried indoors, entering via the front door as the path was under water to the back door, our normal entry. The house was in darkness. No microwave clock showing its yellow time. The electricity was off. I walked down The Avenue checking that a branch hadn't fallen over our power line, but all was well. We telephoned the electricity company to be informed that electricity was off in our wider area; the estimation time of reconnection 2.30pm. Not a problem; we are used to electricity outages in the country. We have gas for cooking, and the lovely stove that burns wood for heating on these cooler days always has two kettles simmering; hot water for coffees. All is well.

There is one major downfall to power outages. We forget how much we rely on electricity. Thankfully there was no accumulation of clothes awaiting washing; the ironing was done. The activities one can undertake without electricity, on a wet and windy showering day diminish. Sewing on the machine was out; doing some hand appliqué was out, as I hadn't ironed the pellon onto the fabric. I couldn't vacuum, not that I needed to as that chore was undertaken yesterday, but the thought was there, mainly because I knew it was out. I couldn't listen to the radio for the football as I had planned.

I started a Dresden plate cushion last week but put it aside to concentrate on some more hearts. Ah well, nothing would be lost with the inclement weather ... I completed that cushion, pushed its inner in ... and took a photo. The Suffolk Puffs add that little extra touch to the corners. I am keeping this cushion! It goes well on the plastic outdoor chair, but ... I won't be leaving it outside in this weather with wind-blown rain dampening everything on the patio.

The electricity came on around 4.00pm.

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cheryl said...

Glad that WA is eventually getting some rain,, we got all ours in the first few months of the year !! Love the cushion, it looks really great and colours are super!