Monday, May 24, 2010

Pastels and other things

The weekend came up trumps weather-wise; 16mls of rain fell, the winds blew strong, the grass is green, and the air smells clear and sweet. As is normal with all of life, while rain helped the growth of much, it was excessive for some of the older gum trees. This morning, as I wandered down The Avenue to switch on the water pump, fallen branches captured my attention. I pulled some to the wood-pile, others will need the extra strength of the tractor.

Last week I shopped [again], this time bringing home several Fat Quarters in shades of yellow, and a soft blue/green. Plus I managed to find a fabric with a white background and covered with the tiniest of spots in yellow, pale pink, and a deep pink; this provide the main piece on which to place the Dresden plates sitting awaiting a home.

But, first things first. Three or more months ago I began a throw for the couch, using a pattern that featured gum leaves. I chose a background in shades of brown with gum leaves in varying shades of green appliqued onto the browns. The first twenty squares went well! Then other projects captured my interest ... projects needing immediate attention! Against all my better judgements I left the gum leaves to wallow in a basket waiting for the time I would return.

Yesterday, the Dresden plate cushion complete, and only knitting staring me in the face, there was no option but to pick up the gum leaves and stitch some more onto their background. [I could have started another set of hearts, after all I do have all those Flat Quarters.] Amazingly the gum leaves are going well; perhaps it is wise to leave a project if interest wanes?


Debs said...

Oh I do like those Fat 1/4s.

Karen's Korner said...

Lovely bunch of fat quarters there. I look forward to seeing how they end up.

Liz said...

Love the fq's . the dresden plate turned out lovely. So enjoy your blog, brings a smile every time.