Tuesday, June 1, 2010

P's and Q's

As My Man is in hospital with an infected diabetic toe, but thankfully is making good progress with IV antibiotics, I have chores that normally would be shared, to tackle. The chores included surveying the block, checking and disposing of weeds that persist in sharing our environment. Not that I blame them ... this is a rather nice place, especially now that the winter rains have arrived and the 'pasture' is green and ever so easy on the eye.

While raking leaves screamed for attention I diverted my exploration for a while and went weed hunting. Only three melons! Dug out and deposited in the bin! One 3-corner jack ... dug out with his feet exposed to the weather.

And several puffballs; the P's. Puffballs are the less attractive relation of mushrooms, puffballs are goblin rings; mushrooms, fairy rings. I am sure there were fewer puffballs last year. Perhaps that was because I didn't bother to remove them from their bed? This year I changed my tactics ... dig the out, and throw them in the bin, making it impossible [I hope] for them to reproduce. They are rather amazing to view though. Rather like, what I imagine, Martian homes resemble! As far as that goes, perhaps Martians are simply spores?

Now onto the Q's. I have caught a very addictive virus, the quilting bug. Though I do recollect way back in the annals of time that I did construct a 'grandmother's garden' quilt; had no idea what I was doing, but carried on regardless. I do remember, vividly, that I couldn't find my thimble and had a volcanic hole in my finger. It did heal, but the memory remains.

I drooled over quilts that I had seen photos of; work of a group of dedicated crafty ladies [crafty in the nicest sense ever], and wondered if I ever would have the nerve to make one myself. With the house empty and no-one to witness a display of temper [just in case it went all wrong] I purchased fabric; standing in the shop for ages trying to find fabrics that would work in with what was in my mind.

I read the pattern, read it again and again, and cautiously cut. I sewed, and amazingly the whole thing came together. Now I need to think on what colour backing I will use, though the foremost thought is pink.

There is a sad ending to this tale ... my mind is already racing ahead to what I might do next ... while my conscience is reminding me I do have U.F.O's ... [perhaps they come from Mars, exploding upon my little space on earth in a giant gust of wind?]


bpllhall said...

Unfortunately one of your early quilts ended up as a special cuddly , I think she still has one ! square in her things

Shirlwin said...

That was the only previous one I made! Fancy keeping a bit! How many years ago? It must be 30.

Gloria said...

Very pretty quilt...I love attic windows