Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Square Dancing

In the beginning I must confess I have never attempted Square Dancing. Once upon a time I flirted with Line Dancing; indeed one winter Line Dancing not only kept me warm, but improved my fitness; that is after I conquered the main steps, which are different to Square Dancing. Both, in my mind, should be performed in a 'country' type location. A shed with hay bales for seats springs to mind. Hay bales often have prickles in their makeup which entices the dancers to keep on the floor.

This particular Square dance does not take place in a barn. It is more of a sedentary occupation, but challenging to the mind and patience.

A posting appeared; was a challenge issued? Some proclaimed, loud and long, that those who had not tackled this particular Square Dance would be better staying in the dark. A challenge, whether it be imagined or real, is a challenge, and it is sadly not in my nature to dodge a new activity. How could Square Dancing bring grown women to their knees, metaphorically of course?

Not wishing to waste good materials I hunted out fabrics that combined well enough for the dance. If I failed ... yes I did contemplate failure ... the main waste would be my time. I downloaded the pattern, transferred the template pattern to an old Christmas card, one that was solid enough to take the main stage, and reading instructions as I went, proceeded on. So far so good!
Keeping in mind the dire warnings about difficulties, I tacked the pieces first. They fitted. I machined them, pressing as I went. Oh! It actually worked! Not particularly liking the chosen fabrics, and not desiring to make too large an item [I was only using scraps], I added an extra border, included a backing and batting, pressed and trimmed before adding the final binding. It wasn't too bad; then again I could see errors.

I had forgotten that binding should start half-way along a row, some of the points were cut off. Ah well, there was only one solution ... make another. In the process of constructing the Square Dance, which by now you will have guessed is a patchwork block, I used the walking foot. My sewing machine skills need practice; I am now the possessor of two table mats, which will allow another change in the decor of the table.

You haven't tried Square dancing ... look here for the pattern. http://www.quilterscache.com/S/SquaredanceBlock.html
You don't need a partner, and there are no promenades involved.


Vicki said...

I am glad it worked for you Shirl and you didnt have to pull your hair out or swear terrible words or even throw the offending block into the bin :) Yay for you and maybe someone wrote in and told them that the measurements were out. ":)

clare's craftroom said...

They look lovely Shirl !

Karen's Korner said...

Great job on "the block". What a good idea to turn them into placemats.

Renny's little things said...

OMG did you get it first go? I had to stand on my head, Twist at my neck, put bandaids on the bleeding bald spots and add a little to the triangle and a little to the other bit and it still turned out wonky. Most of mine had no points!!!

Allison's Page said...

they are lovely, I'm glad you need have trouble, I made 12 of them for the swap and only got 2 right the first time!

Robyn said...

Well done!! Lol, also well done on using one idea differently in 2 blogs :).

Vanilla Rose Home and Body Escentuals...Naturally said...

After all the comments about the difficulty of these blocks, Shirley, I like that you took up the challenge. You have done an awesome job. Well done. They look fabulous and I love the colours you chose :))