Saturday, June 5, 2010

And Another, Plus Creepy Crawlies

Yesterday we visited My Man in hospital. He is making progress, and with an additional 'procedure' it is hoped he will be able to come home. That he is beginning to champ at the bit shows, I am sure, that he is feeling better.

We, [eldest son and his lady, who were my 'taxi service'] sat talking into the night, reminiscing and looking at old photos when their little dog, who was bedded down in her cosy bed, started to act up. I thought she noticed an ant, but no. Instead a rather long centipede, at least 10cms long, with a multitude of hairy legs and a flatish body in a creamy yellow wended its way across the floor. Never had I seen such a creature, and I don't particularly wish to see another, especially inside! Eldest son acted promptly, trodding on it; it was then tossed out the door into the damp night air, as rain had fallen, gently, for a few hours. No doubt it was the damp soil that drove the creature inside. This morning I picked it up [on a shovel] and placed it in the bin. Now I wish I had taken a photo!

To make up for the lack of a photo of Mr Centi Pede I decided to take one of the second pin cushion I constructed. It is larger and at the moment has no pins stuck into it ... nor has it taken on the appearance of a voodoo doll! I may deposit this in the 'Christmas box', as two pin cushions is probably one too many. I love the fabric! But as I only had one fat quarter a pin cushion seemed the obvious way of using some of it ... ideas may spring to mind about the use of the rest of it ... in the meantime it stays in the box of stash.

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