Monday, June 28, 2010

Nothing Much

The countdown to a visit from No. 3 son is on. It has been almost two years since I last saw him ... he is a busy owner/operator of a caravan park in the south west, and after two and a half years without a break, they took a fortnight off, headed east to the Gold Coast for a little R & R. Their visit with us is the end of their break.

My Man had a checkup with the surgeon last Friday ... no amputation! One worry less! The waiting for the antibiotics to do their trick was long, and dragging. We didn't allow ourselves to contemplate the options, which it now appears was correct.

Sewing is always on the go ... at the moment I am hurrying to complete another batch of eight hearts in a yellow theme. I have the cot quilt to back, though did buy some polar fleece last week. Once the 'visit' is over the sewing machine will take precedence again, especially as I have entered an apron swap, which sounds exciting! I have millions of ideas roaming the mind, but will need to bear in mind that my partner might have a particular preference. The draw for this swap is the end of the month ... not long to go!

As well I have undertaken to make some QAYG blocks; this will be a first for me. My box of magazines is extremely handy in my search for ideas, which I should write down as they pop into mind! Instead I turn another page, and what I have seen fades into almost oblivion. In the middle of the night I will wake up, a wonderful idea flashing across the brain, and in the morning that idea has flown out the window with the breaking morning. As for having a pad and pencil on the bedside table ... heavens! Who is that organised?

Perhaps I should be?!

My dear friend, Aunt Alice, has been gardening, and while she spoke highly of the petunias, even publishing a picture of them, she forgot the potted plants growing alongside the petunia bed. Tut, tut, Alice! Basil is useful and aromatic. Petunias are beautiful, but of little culinary use.

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