Thursday, June 3, 2010

Pin cushion

After grappling with pins incorrectly housed in a needle holder and the 'wheel' thingy that they are purchased in, I bit the bullet and began a large project. A pin cushion!

I do recall owning several in NZ, but never thought to bring them with me when I crossed the Tasman. One can't cart everything; I left the kitchen sink behind, so a pin cushion hardly seemed a relevant necessity. I recall teaching children at primary school how to construct felt pin cushions; some of which were decorated with contrasting tiny birds. I wonder how many of those items are still lurking in the back of cupboards, as several children informed me, proud of their efforts, that the pin cushion was destined to be a gift for Mother.
I looked through a few magazines, but decided to just make one. While some pin cushions are a work of art, this was meant as a practical item ... pretty it up a little, and use it with ease.

I started last evening and stuffed it this morning; the result is satisfactory. As I did achieve a lot yesterday physically I am contemplating making another, and maybe another after that? One could almost mistake it for a cup cake topped with 100's and 1000's.

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