Sunday, October 10, 2010

Another Apron plus knitting

A busy person finds time ... or so they say.

I have been busy, and regretfully, haven't found time to take photos of my latest efforts; until today. Once again the apron bug has bit, and while I only show one apron here, there are three others packed away in my 'gift box'. Somehow I think aprons may well be the Christmas gift for 2010, for the girls anyway.

Recently I tidied my box of fabrics, only a plastic container full, and as such I don't yet consider it a stash. To me a stash implies many [100's?] of lengths of fabrics in glorious mix and not match colours. I don't think I have reached 100 items yet, though who is counting? I may be surprised!

While going through the fabrics combinations of colours suitable for aprons not only sprung into mind; they coerced my fingers to place them together in a pile. My apron pattern is extremely useful in that variations are not only possible, but important. Never let any of the recipients of my aprons be heard to say, "Oh, Mary, or Jane, received one exactly the same." No two have an identical twin.

Not only have I been sewing, but I have also been knitting. Spring has arrived giving us days already in the 30's. Almost too hot to knit, but I have a reason ... I am to become a grandmother once again. I love knitting baby clothes! To date two jackets with matching bootees are completed; I have a small pile of patterns I hope to make before the welcome arrival of the latest addition to the family.

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Jilly said...

I love the apron it's beautiful!! The precious baby clothes bring back such happy memories! You are very clever!
Thank you for sharing!!
{hugs & Blessings}