Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Surprise Parcel

Slowly but surely I am working my way through my self-imposed list of baby knitting ... a singlet is wending its way to the prospective new parents. Singlets are not my most favourite item of baby knitting. My Mother, who it must be said, did not exactly like knitting, did volunteer to knit singlets; an offer gratefully accepted. My last child was born after her death, so I had to tackle singlets then ... I remember making a lemon one! Back then we didn't have the knowledge, via scans, of the sex of the expected arrival ... white, lemon, or green were the only safe options.

Today I received the most wonderful surprise! A friend in the UK sent a parcel, which in itself was exciting. Upon opening this parcel I discovered a treasure trove of fabric. Four beautiful Christmas fabrics, exceptionally good in quality, and one, which I must admit is my favourite, had robins on. Now my mind is racing with a suitable project for at least some of them!

As well there was a Fairy fabric, a fabric decorated with Flower Fairies. Ooohhh, I am indeed fortunate! I am not even beginning to dwell upon what that may end up as ... next year is early enough for such a brain teaser.

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