Monday, October 11, 2010

To Bear or not to bear?

The construction of the little bear, or Large Ears, took much less time that Shakespeare did when writing his plays. To be or not to be ... how many remember learning that at school? There were many more lines ... they I have forgotten, or most of them.

One would think I had little to do when a few hours were spent creating a little bear. He was to be. After sewing the body, attaching arms, those large ears, eyes, and making a nose, this little bear seemed strangely unfinished. He needed clothes! Trousers and a scarf were considered suitable for Large Ears ... his ears, had they been sewn on his feet would have made wonderful skis.

Several days later it dawned that no bear would go skiing dressed in shorts and a scarf. The wind chill factor would have made any snow sport extreme [ly cold]. This morning, after hanging the washing on the line I sorted out some wool, large needles, and cast on. Twelve stitches looked enough! Not having a pattern, I knitted, increasing and decreasing as the mood dictated. After lunch I sewed the jacket up. Mmmm ... mmmm ... something didn't look right! It was dull.

An idea sprung to mind ... perhaps Shakespeare wrote in a similar way? Ideas springing into mind; ideas that he transposed onto paper until a play was born? Anyway, my idea was simpler. A crochet border on the jacket; maybe in a colour to highlight Large Ear's eyes? Contrasting, almost matching, buttons completed the outfit. Now Large Ears is ready for anything life may bring.

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