Monday, January 10, 2011

Do I have to?

During last year I entered a Prim Swap and posted a cushion away to my swap partner. Unfortunately she has not been well, and it wasn't until recently that I received my swap from her. The wait was worthwhile!

A heavy parcel awaited me at the local Post Office upon my return from Christmas with family 'down south'. Not wishing to wait until I arrived home [a fifteen minute drive, but even that length of time would have aroused my curiosity beyond a reasonably level], I tore at the wrapping before leaving town. I felt a book ... and something soft.

The something soft was my swap ... a delightful hare dressed in a country style dress, heavily accented with felt flowers. Something in the back of my mind whispered, 'this is not a hare, this is a rabbit', but already the other part of my mind was whisking through the alphabet for a suitable name for this creature. For the life of my I couldn't think of even one suitable for a rabbit ... who has heard of Rebecca Rabbit, or Robina Rabbit, or Rachael Rabbit? Those names didn't begin to gel.

What about a hare name? Instantly Harriet sprung to mind. There and then, before she had even reached her new home, this creature had an identity ... she was a hare, and was henceforth named Harriet Hare.

The book included is proving invaluable at the moment. It has 501 quilt blocks! 501? Yes, 501! This year I have adventurously entered a row by row Round Robin. I hear you ask, what is a row by row Round Robin? Something to do with boats? Oh no! This swap will be carried out over the period of most of 2011. First I have to make a row of quilt blocks of my choice. [Please do not ask how I am managing! Two days ago were a major frustration as I strove almost in vain, to concoct a row of a block I had taken a fancy to that measured, when complete the compulstory 40½ inches. And no, it didn't. However, time was not wasted as I have the makings of a new cushion cover, and in the process learned a lot. I am making good progress now. But back to the book ... I chose a block from the gifted book.

As well the parcel had other goodies! Two candy canes [they didn't last long], a fat quarter of a rose pink rose fabric which I think would be shabby chic, and a little calendar ... all very welcome.

Harriet has a place of her own ... she reclines on our bed during the day and on the corner of the dressing table during the night. For the purposes of the photo she was forced to sit out in the sun in a rocking chair, much to her displeasure! Her expression shows how bored she was! I noticed her displeasure ... she is now back in her favourite place ... lounging on the bed, while I have another block to construct.


bpllhall said...

Harriet looks great.
Good luck with your block

Liz said...

Harriet was worth the wait. She is beautiful. You got a lovely gift.Looking forward to seeing how you go with the round robin. I procrastinated too long.