Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Small pleasures

As befits a New Year I am slowly catching up with small tasks that have accumulated ... many of which have nothing to do with stitching, and more to do with laziness and the hot weather.

As many folks seem to been bitten by the Mug Rug bug [say that fast!] the other day I made four, but already one is in the post as a birthday gift. The other three languish in the 'gift box' until I decide a suitable destination for them.

Last year I joined in a hexagon swap and today received another to add to my growing collection. This swap invites the imagination to a huge party ... where will the collection end, and more importantly, what will I construct from them all? 'Tis far too early to even consider what, or where!

My swap partner requested citrus for her colours ... lemons, limes and oranges? I hope these two hexis are what she is looking for.


Nuestras meriendas y manualidades said...

Un trabajo laborioso y con mucho mรฉrito.Menuda paciencia.Kisess,Aurori

Robyn said...

Lovely rugs and hexis!

Liz said...

hexis are lovely. I am sure whoever will be pleased. The rugs look great!