Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Small Triumph

On a day when a huge area of Australia is struggling with the massive amounts of water inundating property and taking lives, and when a small part of Western Australia is struggling with a bush fire that is believed to be a case of arson, I have a small triumph.
The first row ... completed

Last night I completed by 1st row of my Round Robin Row by Row. While it doesn't look difficult, in fact this length of fabric almost added another grey hair to my head. But ... I kept on plugging on; my friend the Quick Unpick gave valuable service, and the final result is OK.

A close-up of my row

Today I have had a day off!


Lucky-1 said...

A huge triumph if you ask me, look at your points!!!

I stand and clap at those points.

Liz said...

Shirley---your work is spectacular.Those points!!!!!!take a bow!!!!