Monday, January 2, 2012

1st project for the year

Recently I put my name down for a doll swap in our Craft Forum, but as closing time draw closer I developed cold feet.  My doll making belonged to the past when I made dolls for school raffles, dolls that were cut out in two pieces, back and front.  A 'proper' doll I hadn't tackled.  I withdrew from that swap.

However as the excitment of Christmas passed and time began to hang heavily on my hands [isn't housework all up to date for Christmas?] and I had discovered a lovely pattern in the latest Homespun magazine I decided to tackle a doll.

The doll in the magazine was named Shelly ... she had long plaited hair, and wore a shell necklace.  Mmmmm ... not really what I wanted, but the pattern was intriguing.  I traced the pattern, cut the pieces out and started from there.  The days were hot; enthusiasm waned, but in the cool of the evening I sewed.

The head wasn't difficult ... don't ask about joining the head to the body!  Had the instructions been followed attaching the head would have been easier.  I have a bad habit of thinking I know, when I don't! 

Shelly's face in the pattern didn't come up to my specifications either.  [Yes, I know, but in my mind a pattern is a pattern; to be altered, added, or adhered to, or reconstructed to another's specifications.]   Out came the Prisma pencils and a face slowly came to life.  Don't you like the freckles?!
[oops ... the knitting needle I pushed up her back to get her to stand straight is showing ... ignore it.  I wanted to show her lovely scuffs/shoes!]

As this doll has short red hair [that feather wool is wonderful ... I simply threaded a short length through a large-eyed needle, pulled it through once and tied a half knot]; she has been named Catriona ... a good Scottish name for a red-head.

She left gathering shells on the magazine page.  A bag with knitting and a magazine, plus a quilt-cum-swag roll completed the essentials she needs for her move south.

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susanm said...

Ooooooo she is so cute.