Monday, January 16, 2012

Another Table Topper

I love the phrase, 'table topper'!  Instead of a table cloth, a supper cloth, or an afternoon tea cloth, the table topper encompasses all these, even more if you had the inclination. 

A table topper is often padded which is a great when used on a wooden table as it eliminates the possibility of scratches that surely diminish the beauty of a piece of furniture.

This table topper pattern was origninally a wall hanging ... by having the stitching facing outwards neither end is top or bottom, or it can be placed diagonally upon the table. 


cheryl said...

Hey Shirley, that looks great, love the idea. We don't use tablecloths in this house but I really do miss them, so Guess what??

Ondrea said...

I love tabletoppers Shirley. I haven't made any for myself yet but plan to. They look great on the diagonal as you said.