Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hot water bottle covers

Winter in the southern part of New Zealand is much cooler than winter in the mid-west of Australia! 

Yesterday, after a telephone conversation with my youngest son I ascertained that youngest grandson needed a couple of covers for the hot water bottles that warm his bed before he goes down for the night.  A rubber hot water bottle placed in a child's bed, indeed anyone's bed, is a dangerous practice ... they are far too hot and have been known to cause severe burns.

After the conversation I put my mind to the task ... would I knit them?  Mmm, knitting takes time and as I didn't have a pattern in my files I wondered about sewing one.  Measurements were easily found on the Internet; there were two suitable fabrics in my stash ... the experiment began.

I will admit the first hot water bottle cover took some time as I experimented with exactly how it would look.  It's final look being determined by the amount of fabric I did have, and a few hours later the result was OK.  Quickly I began a second ... both are ready for posting before the real winter arrives in Otago.

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bpllhall said...

If you ever want to knit one I have several patterns