Thursday, April 19, 2012

Miniature Machines

Last Sunday we headed north to Geraldton to view the many exhibits at their Heritage Day, held in the grounds of the Queen's Park theatre.

Cars, tractors, a miniature oil-fired 'steam engine' pulling 'carriages' for children's rides, two ponies pulling a cart for rides for all ages, a parade of dresses mainly beginning from the 1950's ... how fashions have changed!  The one thing that amused me was that none of the models wore stockings; remember stockings with seams that had to be checked and double checked for a straight line up the back of the leg before going out the door?! 

A room held exhibitions of various kinds; beautiful old dolls, some in cane prams, a well loved teddy bear, a display featuring the Shoemaker and the elves, and some absolutely gorgeous satin roses.
Further into the room several ladies demonstrated their art using wool ... one had a wonderful crocheted rug adorned with crochet flowers, another demonstrated felting, while a third pedalled on her spinning wheel. 

The walls were draped in an assortment of handiwork; doilies such as we had when I was young and which are making a resurgence as part of another item, a hand quilted quilt, delightfully embroidered supper cloths that seldom make it to the table today, a tea cosy knitted in 4-ply and a display of tins. 

In one corner several old sewing machines captured the attention of the sewers attending, and in another corner part of a collection of 70 miniature sewing machines certainly captured my attention. 
It was easy to imagine a young girl learning to sew on one of these, and perhaps making a dress for her doll.  The exhibitor was surprised at the amount of attention her display attracted and commented that she wished she had brought all ... I wish she had as well!


Domac said...

Great to read your blog - must have had a great visit, Shirl. Hugs from Brisbane.

Ondrea said...

WOW! What an awesome collection.

Vicki ♥ said...

I love going to shows like that special are all those little sewing machines. Hugs Vicki x

Gloria said...

Oh that is a great collection. Love to go to those type of shows.