Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Block 8 of the Sentimental Journey quilt is called Stardust, and this is the only one I can't place a tune to, though I dare say that is only my memory playing tricks.
With the completion of Stardust, that leaves only four more to go ... and with the addition of borders I should [could?] have it completed entirely by Christmas.  I did say could!

All in all I am extremely pleased with how this quilt is beginning to look, as after the completion of each block I lay them out on the bed and allow myself a few moments of quiet praise; and I know that self-praise is no recommendation  as my late Mother had a whole repertoire of sayings, that particular one was relatively high on the list.  I was the one to whom it was most recited, and to this day I have absolutely no idea why!

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Stitchin' time said...

Beautiful block and beautiful blues! Didn't Willy Nelson do a song called "Stardust" or have a song that mentioned stardust in it?