Tuesday, December 4, 2012

In Two's

I have had Internet connection problems, which did have an upside [apart from frustrations] of giving me more time to make things.  Oh yes, the Internet is a distraction from creative activity.
The Calico Angels are bliss to construct, and another two to the Angel Family caused no problems.  The best part of making these Calico Angels is the fact that imagination can play a part ... what to make the 'halo' from?  What should the angel carry and how should the wings look?  All these questions come into play to give each angel a distinctive look.
While turning pages of the ever growing library of magazines [can one justify owning over a hundred?  Not that I am game to count them as I fear the total is well over 100] I came across a pattern for rather cute pincushions.  Once again the colours and embellishments chosen can add to the varied outcome.  I chose the same fabric and named the pincushion twins, Violet and Viola. 
Don't you just love their prissy mouths?

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Anonymous said...

Shirley such lovely projects,well done.xx