Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Little things

Sometimes it is pleasant to make little things, items that take a day and are completed.
A couple of sewing accessories fall into that category.
A sewing machine apron
an armchair caddy
Earlier this month I constructed a Calico Angel to send to family as part of their Christmas decorations, and this morning as I was trying to sort out what was what do you think I could find that Calico Angel?  No!  I decided to make another.

Then, later, a sudden thought entered my [previously empty] mind.  Where else would one store a Christmas decoration if not with other Christmas decorations.  Yes, it was there ... now there are two Calico Angels to be posted away.


Anonymous said...

lol sounds like something i would do Shirley,they look very cute and well done with all the projects you have made.xx

Ondrea said...

What a sweet angel! Now what is a sewing machine apron?? I have no idea. Looks great though.