Monday, November 5, 2012

Body washer

In the DTE Forum a inquiry for a shower pouf pattern was requested.  Not crochet, but in knitting.
I searched the Internet for a pattern [plenty of crochet ones, few in knitting], adding a link.  But in my usual hurried manner I neglected to read to the end of the pattern where some had replied that it was difficult to make up.  This fact was pointed out.  I needed to know if the pattern was actually viable, so hunted out the end yarn of several dishcloths, and last night, casted on.
The pattern was frustrating ... too many stitches increased making it extremely difficult to actually knit a row.  However I perservered, and resorted to using a round needle for a few rows, which made the task easier.
Reading to the end of the pattern I wondered how to make it up ... but with the knitting complete there only remained the task of making it up.
I looked on the Internet ... no luck.I re-read the pattern [if in doubt read the pattern!], threaded a needle and began following the instructions. 
The completed body washer may not be elegant, but the pattern did work out ... my joining in of new colours was without any rhyme or reason, just the fact that I had finished one ball and needed another colour being the only condition.


shez said...

well done Shirley it has turned out great.xx

Ondrea said...

10 points for perseverence! I think I will stick to a face washer LOL. YOu have done well though.

Robyn said...

Very colourful and much nicer than those plasticky ones you buy :).