Friday, April 30, 2010

More Fabric!

Another item of mail from my favourite fabric/craft shop dropped into the postbox early last week, and while I am well aware these 'gift vouchers' are a marketing ploy, I fall for them ... most times. I have been known to not actually want, nor need, any particular item, and toss them into the bin.

This time I succumbed [again!].

On a recent trip to this shop I noticed a Dresden plate template, and having viewed a fascinating video
I decided to use the 25% off voucher to purchase a similar template. Another project for the future! They are piling up. I know that winter is imminent, so surely there will be more 'indoor times', and what else can one do on a cold, or wet, winter's day? Craft!!

I read about a 'caring hearts' project, and while I have not openly put my hand up to make some hearts, I have purchased suitable fabrics [photo]. This project is my next one ... I have some ideas with the lovely fabric I bought ... its simply [!?] a matter of replicating ideas on fabric.

In the meantime I am racing through the baby jacket ... it certainly pays to have another project screaming to be started; just as long as I don't find too many other 'must do' projects. My housework could suffer!

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