Sunday, April 4, 2010

Tube quilting table runner

After viewing a fascinating video clip [link below] I purchased some fabric, not that I needed to as I truly do have more than enough now, and on Thursday began making a table runner ... video clip link:

Blithely I assumed a couple of days would be enough to make a table runner, but as is so often the way, I assumed incorrectly. Mind you [one must have a reasonable excuse!] I did have other tasks to attend to. By Saturday evening the final stitch was placed, this morning I took a photo, and although I say it myself, I am satisfied with the final result. 'Tis a pity the photo doesn't show the richness of the yellow and blue.

So much so that I have intentions of making a cushion [I think at this moment ... the final decision relies on just how much fabric I do have that tones in], maybe with a flange, as that word flange holds a ring of uniqueness. And also now that the brain is in overdrive with the chocolate consumed just an hour ago [I am all chocolated out!] a flan looks delectable. Oh yes, I am well aware flan and flange are worlds apart, but still, they do have the same beginnings.

Anyone who watches the video and thinks, that is too hard, believe you me, it is not. I viewed the video three or four times before cutting fabric. It does take a little repetition to sink in for me ... others may be luckier!
Happy sewing!


Tozz said...

Looks great and I am glad you had fun with it too :)

Margarita said...

It looks good, I think I will have to try this after all. Now where will I find time?

Karen's Korner said...

I have also studied that video a couple of times and feel I am ready to take the plunge with this method. If it turns out half as well as yours I will be doing a happy dance