Saturday, April 17, 2010

Plants and Planting

After weeks of inactivity, due to the heat, I have finally made a start on tidying the garden, or what hopefully will be a brilliant display of colour in a few weeks. Sadly few of my plants survived the summer heat; a decision has been made; no summer garden from now on.

Our trip to the city [second time in less than a week!] meant that we had time to visit the plant outlet, and as well as buying several punnets of survival type plants, we also purchased some compost and other soil enrichners, and, because I liked them, a couple of small cream coloured pots. Those planters now are resplendent in the front of other pots, and are filled with that most wonderful of herbs, basil. It would be true to say that basil is my favourite herb: it has a wonderful flavour especially when eaten with tomatoes, it cleanses the palate, and the aroma is out of this world. One of my little tricks to increase my enjoyment of basil is to wander past brushing against the plants. Absolutely pure heaven!

I have planted petunias for the first time ever, but have been assured they can't fail. However I must confess that I can fail the unfailable! Petunias with an edging of white lobelia should make a splash of colour. In two tall green pots, that last year housed lavenders, something else that simply won't fail, but did, this year is planted with blue lobelia. I envisage the drooping stems covered in tiny brilliant blue flowers bending to the ground, thus giving the impression the pots are not there.

As well I have planted Dianthus, the same plant that my gardening aunt called Pinks. Tomorrow I have more Pinks to plant out, some deep red Pansies, if we can believe the colour on the label, and Alyssum in white and a deep purple. The soil and fertilisers are mixed and in the wheelbarrow in readiness for an early start in the morning. The watering will be carried out diligently; these plants will be cared for like a baby, and with a little luck not only will there be a colourful display outdoors, but there may be enough to bring inside to brighten the house in the dull days of winter.

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