Thursday, April 22, 2010

Promotional Material

I am knitting. Now that sounds like a statement of intent, but I AM knitting a baby jacket in readiness for the expected arrival of another grandchild for My Man.

Knitting is one of the arts that many folks no longer participate in, which is I consider, as real shame. Not that I blame Australians for letting the craft slowly die out; the weather is too hot for the wearing of wool for nine months of the year, but those other three months a warm woollen garment is bliss.

Not knowing if the expected arrival will wear blue or pink I opted for safe lemon; a little jacket and matching bootees. Several months ago, whilst nosing around my favourite shop on the lookout for some white baby wool in 3-ply, I was astounded to not see any 3-ply at all. Last week there were several colours in 3-ply. I suspect wool is stocked in quantity during the cooler months.

Today, in the post, I received a large envelope from the above favourite shop ... I am a VIP customer, which means I get a discount on all purchases, but they can send as much promotional mail as they wish; though I hasten to add nearly always the promotional mail includes discount vouchers ... spend $100 and get 40% off! Or in today's dispatch, three vouchers, one for 25% off any item not on sale, or otherwise reduced, another for 20% off with the same qualifications, and yet a third with 15% off, and the above qualifications.

These offers are of course little more than advertising ploys. Who desires to miss out on such an offer?! If we were not told, we probably would make less frequent, but needed visits to the store. We most likely would not buy as much; their stock would stand on the shop floor longer; but who cares! Most VIP's for this store, which is Australia and New Zealand wide, maybe further afield, love just browsing. Fabrics can be touched, ideas form in the mind after a fondling visit, only to be followed by a return to purchase. Lovely little items, often in a 'sale basket' straddle the aisles. What woman worth her name as a shopper can resist?

There are decided advantages to receiving promotional mail ... incentives are forever presented to us; new stock is highlighted, and our creative juices may just flow faster than a stream as the imagination surges forth.

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Debs said...

I cannot believe I am the first one to follow your blog. Your blog is great and I am sure once people hear about it you will have so many followers. I too get stuff sent to me from that shop and have the discount vouchers sitting out waiting to be used. Trouble is my nearest shop is 300km away. Love your blog and I look forward to seeing more.