Sunday, August 22, 2010

Aprons and Hexagons

Back to craft. The past week actually saw me sewing!

For some obscure reason I caught the 'apron bug'. Perhaps it was because in sorting through my stash I found [hiding under lots of other stuff] some reasonably sized pieces of fabric. Looking and wondering an idea emerged. These were just the size for an apron providing I supplemented them with contrasts.

Three aprons were completed mid-week. I am sorry to report that the third apron cannot be shown on this blog. That elderly Aunt Alice swears she not only designed it, but made the whole article. As she is slightly eccentric who am I to argue? To have a peep at it you will have to visit Aunt Alice's Secret Diary, but please, be careful not to be found out! She can be a right tartar when thwarted.

The Craft Forum runs several swaps, and while I haven't taken the opportunity to join many [I don't wish to find I have run out of time to complete a swap project], I have opted into the Flower Hexagon Swap. This entails the making of a flower hexagon and forwarding it on ... a flower hexagon doesn't take too much time, and is rather fun.

As it is many years since I constructed a flower hexagon I made a couple as a trial run, before tackling one for my swap partner. I fear a bug could be on the rounds, as several folk have reported the rampant spread of the hexagon bug! I will try to avoid such a contagious disease ... the apron bug saw me lying awake at night contemplating colours ... just imagine how the hexagon bug could affect one!


Karen's Korner said...

Pretty aprons and sweet hexies. I know what you mean about lying awake at night "trialling" colours in your mind. But then I think that is half the fun of the project.

clare's craftroom said...

You have been busy , love the aprons and the hexies are just gorgeous !