Saturday, August 7, 2010

It's a cats life

Earlier in the week I acquired a pattern for a 'cat block', and after a trip to the city have purchased the beginnings of another project. While this will be on the back burner for a few days [or longer] my idea as to its final look are solidfying. At the moment I have no plan for the borders etc, it all depends on what I decide is needed. This of course makes for an interesting project ... it is one that will go which ever way the mood takes me along the journey.

One of the most interesting facets of any craft is the one undertaken with a sudden urge. Last weekend the construction of the pot holder gave a clear picture of how one can begin and complete an article in a short time; giving the creator a feeling of a job well done. A short sweet project gives one a fillip and pushes forward the idea that a few of these are worthwhile ... even though I do have projects awaiting attention.
While sorting through, or tidying up, my fabrics I realised I had enough for another pot holder. Not long after I first bought my sewing machine in an effort to become familiar with it, I made a pot holder, one that I find immensely useful. I remember at the time thinking that if I make it again I would do the binding different. Of course I forgot that stored information, and blithely followed the pattern. It wasn't until I began sewing on the binding I remembered. Too late! I had no desire to unpick half the binding, so plodded on. Now I have written 'my correction' on the pattern, for future reference. This pattern is particularly useful and adaptable ... I will make it again, and soon.

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