Sunday, August 1, 2010


Today saw me celebrating, although in a very low key manner, two wins. One ... the All Blacks beat the Wallabies in rugby, which is a feather in the cap of the smaller nation. As I have spent most of my life in New Zealand it is not difficult to guess who I favour! That such a small country, population wise, should have such dominance in this sport is nothing short of incredible.

The other win ... Fremantle Dockers won the AFL Western Derby, hugely, over The West Coast Eagles. Least said about the score the better ... I felt sorry for Eagles' supporters.

I dislike sitting listening to football and not keeping my hands busy. Today I decided to combine Australia and New Zealand in a project. My 'pot holder' that we use to pour hot water from the kettle [boiling on the pot belly stove] into a cup of coffee needs washing. For some time I concluded I needed another holder for that express purpose, and today I sorted through my stash for suitable fabric.

A green background with ferns and kiwis was appropriate to represent New Zealand, and as green and gold are the colours of Australia, a plain gold fabric served to illustrate Australia. Green and gold together is just too Australian; a dividing shade was required. A beige paisley suited that purpose admirably.
While the Dockers demolished the Eagles I sewed. By the end of the game a new pot holder was completed. A small project, but one that profitably filled in the afternoon, and in colours that have some meaning for me will remind me in days and weeks ahead of the 1st day in August.


Samelia's Mum said...

Can't say I'm overly happy about the All Black win, but I'm over the moon the Dockers won. Was good for my tips this week.

Lovely tribute to A&NZ xo

Robyn said...

Love how you've done that potholder. It definitely needed the third colour or may have ended up looking like a tourist memento :P. Glad you enjoyed your footy weekend. Strange where inspirations come from!

Liz said...

Forgetting the footy. The potholder looks great!!