Monday, June 20, 2011

Garage Sale Bargain

While not everyone is addicted to Garage Sales as My Other Half, and while not everyone is bitten by the bug when exposed to Garage Sales by their Significant Other, I have to confess ... He [who isn't always obeyed! ... but due thought is given] has  led me down the path of destruction!

Saturdays invariably mean at least one garage sale to attend.  We did attend one on Saturday and I found a most useful 'swinging chair' [for my computer station] for only $5.  Oh, and a little brown lidded bowl for 50cents.  Once upon a time brown never figured on my list of colours to perhaps contemplate, or buy.  Somehow it has inveigled itself into my psyche ... I blame that on the fact that the surrounding countryside in this area is brown for half the year.  There is no other explanation.

The weekend just past had another Garage Sale on the Sunday.  I prefer Sunday's to be quiet, and heading into town for an 8.00 am Garage Sale is not my preferred option.  However, I obeyed!!  Poor Significant Other ... there was nothing to interest him, though he had purchased 'man things' [tools of some variety ... you know the type that a woman could successfully use a knife or another kitchen appliance with almost the same result; except the knife might be bluntened, or the fork bent]. 

The Sunday sale was not a Garage Sale in the true sense of the word.   It correctly could be termed an 'under the verandah sale'.  There were two bikes ~ free!  Nope, not interested in bikes!  There were jigsaw puzzles for $1 each, but I have two jigsaw puzzles as yet unopened ... saving them for a rainy day!

Stacked alongside the house-wall were several cardboard boxes; all had books in them.  I am partial to bargain priced books!  I squat on my hauches [not so easy getting up from that position with an arm full of books], and found five novels that I might read one day, but at 50 cents each!  That was a bargain. 
 I shuffled, still squatting, along to the next box.  It was full of craft books!  Not magazines, but books, and oh, so cheap.  I sorted through them.  Our bookcase [the third purchased over the last three or four years is almost full, so caution was essential].  I finally chose four; brought them home, and over a cup of coffee, drooled to my heart's content.  They all had wonderful ideas, some of which I may attempt in the future ... they definitely fired the imagination, and for a paltry $6;  there are no limits to the heights the imagination soared.


Stitchin' time said...

Lol, and we thought 'Ron' was already stretched to the limits!

Liz said...

Sounds like great bargains. Enjoy your "planning"

Nuestras meriendas y manualidades said...

Esa es una costumbre muy anglosajona.

Margarita said...

Woohoo Shirley I love Garage Sales, just for poking around, we used to go to them all the time. Not so much now. Great find for you, enjoy your books