Friday, June 17, 2011

Sue and Sam

The last few days have been cold and damp, and busy.  I am in a row by row swap, which is proving both fun and challenging.  The participants made their own first row, subsequent rows are to blend well with the first, which often sends the sewer down roads never travelled in colours and blocks.  This all adds up to expand our horizons.

This month the row I constructed features Sunbonnet Sue and Overall Sam, in colours as chosen by the row owner.
I had fun with this, and was very thankful a swatch of fabric was offered to help with colour selection.  I chose to use some, and hope this helps tying in the overall effect of the completed quilt.

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Margarita said...

Shirley, that has turned out soo well, I am sorry now that I did not go into it as well.